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Statistics name Trade Statistics Detail
Statistics code 00350300
Dataset category0 Trade Statistics Data for Japan
Dataset category1 Country by Commodity
Dataset category2 Import
Table number 12-12-01
Table category1 Fixed
Statistical table name 2012/12. Country by Commodity (Import Jan-Dec:Fixed) (103-158:Asia)
Dataset overview
Theme (major classification) International
Theme (minor classification) Trade,The International Trade Balance
Publisher Ministry of Finance of Japan
Phone number 03-3581-4111(2518)
Government statistics URL
Statistical type Business Statistics
Survey date 2012 Dec.
Published date and time 2013-03-13 09:30
Frequency Monthly
Tabulation area No settings
Statistics name
Ministry (Division) in charge
E-mail address
Phone number
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  • Information on relevant government statistics such as "Survey outline", "Survey results", "Attention on use", "Release schedule", and "Contact" are posted on the website of each ministry. Please use it before using the statistical tables.

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