This page shows frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. About user registration

Q1. I would like to use API. What should I do first.

A1. For using our API, you need to sign up on e-Stat and to issue application ID.
See the User Guide for more information.


2. About Terms of Use

Q1. What is required for disclosing application developed with API?

A1 : A1. Please display the credit where users of a system can see.
In addition, please read TOU of e-Stat as the use of data provided on API confirm to it.


Q2. Can I use the data obtained by API for commercial?

A2 : A2. It is available as the data provided on API comfirm to TOU of e-Stat.


Q3. Is there any limitation for frequency of API request?

A3. Not in current.


3. About an Application ID

Q1. What is an application ID?

A1. It is the parameter required for send HTTP request to API.


Q2. How can I get an application ID?

A2. You can get an application ID at mypage after you login. Press "Issue" button after you fill up the form. It will be shown in appID section.
Only 3 application IDs can be issued.


Q3. How can I update information of application ID such as URL?

A3. You can update application ID from mypage the same as issuing it.
Press "Update" button after changing information where you want.
* Application ID is not changed after you press "Update".


Q4. How can I change application ID?

A4. It is possible to change it after reissue it.
You firstly need to delete by pressing "Delete" button.Next, enter required information and then press "Issue" button. Now you get application ID reissued.
* Please note that previous application ID is no longer used.


4. About data being able to use with API

Q1. What data can be used with API?

A1. It is written on the page of Data.
Among the statistical data on e-Stat, API can obtain the ones that are displayed as database.


Q2. When are the data updated?

A2. The timing of updating statistical data differ because these are registered by different organization respectively. Please ask to organization of the statistical data directly if you want to know detailed timing.

* Although e-Stat infoms the latest information by date and by ministries, these are limited to Excel, CSV and PDF format which cannot be used by API.


5. About the use of API

Q1. How can I see API response?

A1. We provide API test form. You can input API parameter on a browser and check how it works.


Q2. I am not sure how I can get a table ID.

A2. A table ID is the string that included in the response of Obtain Information of Statistical Table API. It is id attribute value and is in <LIST_INF> tag (roughly 10 digits).


Q3. I am not sure how I can get a dataset ID.

A3. A dataset ID is the string that included in the response of Register Dataset API. It is the value in <DATASET_ID> tag.You can register a value voluntarily by set "dataSetId" parameter. If you do not set, it automatically generated in the format of "--"(14>


Q4. (Obtain Information of Statistical Table) I cannot get statistics of area mesh and the data of System of Social and Demographic Statistics.

A4. To get area mesh statistics, it is necessary to set "2(subregion/area mesh)" in the type parameter (searchKind).
* If "searchKind" is omitted, it automatically set "1(Statistics Information)".
* On version 2.1 or previous, although you can set "3(System of Social and Demographic Statistics)", please do not set "3" because you can get it without setting searchKind as similar as other data of statistics.



Q5. (Obtain Information of Statistical Table) How can I confirm the latest updated data.

A5. To get statistical data by update date such as recently updated data, you need to set "updatedDate" below. In the case of obtaining recent data, you can get such as the data updated in a week by setting range retrieval format.

[Update date parameter]

updatedDate = yyyy (search by single year)
yyyymm (search by single month)
yyyymmdd (search by single day)
yyyymmdd-yyyymmdd (range retrieval)


Q6. (Obtain Information of Statistical Table) I am not sure what statistical classification can be set in parameter for theme of statistics.

A6. Information of statistical classification (major and minor) are on the Theme of Statistics page.
You can set major classification code or minor classification code on the parameter.


Q7. (Obtain Statistical Data) I cannot get the data of over 100,000.

A7. API returns at most 100,000 data at once. If API cannot get data at once, it returns the value of starting position of continuous data as <NEXT_KEY> tag in its response. If you need continuous data, you can get it by setting the value in the parameter (startPosition).