Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

  1. Principle

    To ensure smooth operation of the service of the Portal Site of Official Statistics of Japan, e-Stat, i.e. disseminating statistical information, receiving inquiries, sending e-mail, etc., we collect users' information to the extent necessary and handle it properly within the objective prescribed.

  2. Scope and objective of information to be collected
    (1) We automatically collect information of users browsing the Site including their domain names, IP addresses and keywords used for searches for reference to analyze users and to better serve them.
    (2) At the User Registration page we ask for users' e-mail address and password so as to customize the Site's "My Page" according to users' preference and to send e-mail of the Site's update information.
    (3) At the Quick Poll page we gather answers of the polls as well as users' profiles such as sex, occupation, age group and prefecture for counting and analyze the results.
    (4) At the Contact Us page, we ask users' e-mail address for responding to questions or comments. In some cases the users' information may be forwarded to ministries or agencies concerned.

  3. Limitations on use and disclosure

    The users' information acquired will not be used for any purpose other than objectives prescribed nor disclosed to any third party, except in cases of legal disclosure request, countermeasure against unlawful acts like illegal access, threat and other special reasons. However, statistical information regarding access to the Site and that of users profile may be made public.

  4. Measures to ensure security

    We take measures necessary to ensure security of users' information in order to prevent them from leakage, loss or destruction.

  5. Scope of application

    This privacy policy is applicable to the Site only. As for websites of respective ministries or agencies, users' information is subject to the privacy policies of them.