Applications developed with our API

We introduce applications developed with our API in this page.


(in Japanese)

It was developed by Miyazaki-ken.
It visualizes System of Social and Demographic Statistics, which is obtained by API, on GIS. ("Statistics" where on top of map screen)
This application also visualizes population in 500 meters mesh on GIS. (Right click on map screen)

Next-Generation Statistics Application

(in Japanese)

It was developed by Kyoto city.
This application displays the statistical data obtained by API into tables or graphs and exports CSV file. It can display not only Kyoto city but also all municipalities.

About release of Next-Generation Statistics Application (PDF)


(in Japanese)

It is the website that predicts the price of real estate in Japan. The data from Cencus obtained by API is used for decision making of trading property or investment.


This is the web application that aggregate data from statistics, internet, and satelite into world mesh code and enables various analysis.

This product is a part of outcome conducted by a research project entitled "Advanced Core Technologies for Big Data Integration" and “Evaluation Platform for Sustainability of Global System” (Project leader: Dr. Aki-Hiro Sato) .