User Guide

API can be used by anyone.
After reading Terms Of Use, follow the steps below to get started.

1. Registration

You must have an account on e-Stat to use API. Register yourself into e-Stat first.

Sign up

2. Get Application ID

You will need an application ID for use of any API functions.
Login to Mypage and get an Application ID from API(Issue Application ID) page.
You can change name, URL and overview of API later. Regarding URL, enter local address (e.g. http://localhost/) if you are not using API on public website.

3. Understand API specifications / Develop your application

You will need to send Application ID when usin API.
Read through API specifications then start developing your application.
We will update information for application development sequentially.

4. Release your application

Release your application as needed.
The credit should be shown on the application with our API.
Read here for more information.
Please note that we may introduce your application as an example of API utilization.