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Science Information Infrastructure Statistics of Colleges and Universities / (Library)

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Statistics name Science Information Infrastructure Statistics of Colleges and Universities Detail
Statistics code 00400601
Dataset category0 Science Information Infrastructure Statistics of Colleges and Universities
Dataset category1 (Library)
Table number 12
Table category1 Library items
Table title Active Learning Space / Purpose, Service
Dataset overview
Theme (major classification) Information and Communication,Science and Technology
Theme (minor classification) Science and Technology
Publisher Ministry of Education Culture Sports Science and Technology
Publisher kokuritsuhuzoku2
Statistical type General Statistics
Survey date FY2017
Published date and time 2019-06-28 14:00
Statistical table ID 0003280703
Frequency -
Tabulation area No settings
Total screen cell count 1,536
Number distinction of the departments





Composition ratio
Founder distinction
Grand Total

National univ.

Local Public univ.

Private univ.
Purpose, Service
Purpose_Common use space

Purpose_Group studying space

Purpose_Presentation space

Purpose_Quiet space

Purpose_Refreshing space


Service_Learning or research support

Service_Learning or research support_Reference service

Service_Learning or research support_Learning support for each subject

Service_Learning or research support_IT support

Fiscal year



Statistics name
Ministry (Division) in charge
E-mail address
Phone number
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