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Statistics name System of Social and Demographic Statistics Prefectural Data Basic Data 
Table number 0000010101 
Table title System of Social and Demographic Statistics A Population and Households 
Dataset overview  
Statistics name System of Social and Demographic Statistics  Detail
Dataset category0 Prefectural Data 
Dataset category1 Basic Data
Table category1 System of Social and Demographic Statistics 
Published date and time 2024-02-20 14:00
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A Population and Households

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A Population and Households
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Observation value
A1101_Total population (Both sexes)
A110101_Total population (Male)
A110102_Total population (Female)
A1102_Japanese population (Both sexes)
A110201_Japanese population (Male)
A110202_Japanese population (Female)
A1201_Population (0-4, Total)
A120101_Population (0-4, Male)
A120102_Population (0-4, Female)
A1202_Population (5-9, Total)
A120201_Population (5-9, Male)
A120202_Population (5-9, Female)
A1203_Population (10-14, Total)
A120301_Population (10-14, Male)
A120302_Population (10-14, Female)
A1204_Population (15-19, Total)
A120401_Population (15-19, Male)
A120402_Population (15-19, Female)
A1205_Population (20-24, Total)
A120501_Population (20-24, Male)
A120502_Population (20-24, Female)
A1206_Population (25-29, Total)
A120601_Population (25-29, Male)
A120602_Population (25-29, Female)
A1207_Population (30-34, Total)
A120701_Population (30-34, Male)
A120702_Population (30-34, Female)
A1208_Population (35-39, Total)
A120801_Population (35-39, Male)
A120802_Population (35-39, Female)
A1209_Population (40-44, Total)
A120901_Population (40-44, Male)
A120902_Population (40-44, Female)
A1210_Population (45-49, Total)
A121001_Population (45-49, Male)
A121002_Population (45-49, Female)
A1211_Population (50-54, Total)
A121101_Population (50-54, Male)
A121102_Population (50-54, Female)
A1212_Population (55-59, Total)
A121201_Population (55-59, Male)
A121202_Population (55-59, Female)
A1213_Population (60-64, Total)
A121301_Population (60-64, Male)
A121302_Population (60-64, Female)
A1214_Population (65-69, Total)
A121401_Population (65-69, Male)
A121402_Population (65-69, Female)
A1215_Population (70-74, Total)
A121501_Population (70-74, Male)
A121502_Population (70-74, Female)
A1216_Population (75-79, Total)
A121601_Population (75-79, Male)
A121602_Population (75-79, Female)
A1217_Population (80-84, Total)
A121701_Population (80-84, Male)
A121702_Population (80-84, Female)
A1218_Population (85-89, Total)
A121801_Population (85-89, Male)
A121802_Population (85-89, Female)
A1219_Population (90-94, Total)
A121901_Population (90-94, Male)
A121902_Population (90-94, Female)
A1220_Population (95-99, Total)
A122001_Population (95-99, Male)
A122002_Population (95-99, Female)
A1221_Population (100 and over, Total)
A122101_Population (100 and over, Male)
A122102_Population (100 and over, Female)
A1231_Median age
A1301_Total population (under 15)
A130101_Population (under 15, Male)
A130102_Population (under 15, Female)
A1302_Total population (15-64)
A130201_Population (15-64, Male)
A130202_Population (15-64, Female)
A1303_Total population (65 and over)
A130301_Population (65 and over, Male)
A130302_Population (65 and over, Female)
A1304_Ratio of population (under15 years old)
A130401_Ratio of population (under15 years old, Male)
A130402_Ratio of population (under15 years old, Female)
A1305_Ratio of population (15-64 years old)
A130501_Ratio of population (15-64 years old, Male)
A130502_Ratio of population (15-64 years old, Female)
A1306_Ratio of population (65 years old and over)
A130601_Ratio of population (65 years old and over, Male)
A130602_Ratio of population (65 years old and over, Female)
A1401_Population (3 years old)
A140101_Population (3 years old, Male)
A140102_Population (3 years old, Female)
A1402_Population (4 years old)
A140201_Population (4 years old, Male)
A140202_Population (4 years old, Female)
A1403_Population (5 years old)
A140301_Population (5 years old, Male)
A140302_Population (5 years old, Female)
A1404_Population (0-3, Total)
A140401_Population (0-3, Male)
A140402_Population (0-3, Female)
A1405_Population (0-5, Total)
A140501_Population (0-5, Male)
A140502_Population (0-5, Female)
A1406_Population (0-15, Total)
A140601_Population (0-15, Male)
A140602_Population (0-15, Female)
A1407_Population (0-17, Total)
A140701_Population (0-17, Male)
A140702_Population (0-17, Female)
A1408_Population (3-5, Total)
A140801_Population (3-5, Male)
A140802_Population (3-5, Female)
A1409_Population (6-11, Total)
A140901_Population (6-11, Male)
A140902_Population (6-11, Female)
A1410_Population (10-13, Total)
A141001_Population (10-13, Male)
A141002_Population (10-13, Female)
A1411_Population (12-14, Total)
A141101_Population (12-14, Male)
A141102_Population (12-14, Female)
A1412_Population (14-19, Total)
A141201_Population (14-19, Male)
A141202_Population (14-19, Female)
A1413_Population (15-17, Total)
A141301_Population (15-17, Male)
A141302_Population (15-17, Female)
A1414_Population (15 and over, Total)
A141401_Population (15 and over, Male)
A141402_Population (15 and over, Female)
A1415_Population (40 and over, Total)
A141501_Population (40 and over, Male)
A141502_Population (40 and over, Female)
A1416_Population (60 and over, Total)
A141601_Population (60 and over, Male)
A141602_Population (60 and over, Female)
A1417_Population (70 and over, Total)
A141701_Population (70 and over, Male)
A141702_Population (70 and over, Female)
A1418_Population (80 and over, Total)
A141801_Population (80 and over, Male)
A141802_Population (80 and over, Female)
A1419_Population (75 and over, Total)
A141901_Population (75 and over, Male)
A141902_Population (75 and over, Female)
A1420_Population (85 and over, Total)
A142001_Population (85 and over, Male)
A142002_Population (85 and over, Female)
A1501_Population (-1 years old)
A1502_Population (0 years old)
A150201_Population (0 years old, Male)
A150202_Population (0 years old, Female)
A1503_Population (1 years old)
A150301_Population (1 years old, Male)
A150302_Population (1 years old, Female)
A1504_Population (2 years old)
A150401_Population (2 years old, Male)
A150402_Population (2 years old, Female)
A1505_Population (6 years old)
A150501_Population (6 years old, Male)
A150502_Population (6 years old, Female)
A1506_Population (7 years old)
A150601_Population (7 years old, Male)
A150602_Population (7 years old, Female)
A1507_Population (8 years old)
A150701_Population (8 years old, Male)
A150702_Population (8 years old, Female)
A1508_Population (9 years old)
A150801_Population (9 years old, Male)
A150802_Population (9 years old, Female)
A1509_Population (10 years old)
A150901_Population (10 years old, Male)
A150902_Population (10 years old, Female)
A1510_Population (11 years old)
A151001_Population (11 years old, Male)
A151002_Population (11 years old, Female)
A1511_Population (12 years old)
A151101_Population (12 years old, Male)
A151102_Population (12 years old, Female)
A1512_Population (13 years old)
A151201_Population (13 years old, Male)
A151202_Population (13 years old, Female)
A1513_Population (14 years old)
A151301_Population (14 years old, Male)
A151302_Population (14 years old, Female)
A1514_Population (15 years old)
A151401_Population (15 years old, Male)
A151402_Population (15 years old, Female)
A1515_Population (16 years old)
A151501_Population (16 years old, Male)
A151502_Population (16 years old, Female)
A1516_Population (17 years old)
A151601_Population (17 years old, Male)
A151602_Population (17 years old, Female)
A1517_Population (18 years old)
A151701_Population (18 years old, Male)
A151702_Population (18 years old, Female)
A1601001_Never-married population (15 and over, Male)
A1601002_Never-married population (15 and over, Female)
A1601011_Never-married population (15-19, Male)
A1601012_Never-married population (15-19, Female)
A1601021_Never-married population (20-24, Male)
A1601022_Never-married population (20-24, Female)
A1601031_Never-married population (25-29, Male)
A1601032_Never-married population (25-29, Female)
A1601041_Never-married population (30-34, Male)
A1601042_Never-married population (30-34, Female)
A1601051_Never-married population (35-39, Male)
A1601052_Never-married population (35-39, Female)
A1601061_Never-married population (40-44, Male)
A1601062_Never-married population (40-44, Female)
A1601071_Never-married population (45-49, Male)
A1601072_Never-married population (45-49, Female)
A1601081_Never-married population (50-54, Male)
A1601082_Never-married population (50-54, Female)
A1601091_Never-married population (55-59, Male)
A1601092_Never-married population (55-59, Female)
A1601101_Never-married population (60-64, Male)
A1601102_Never-married population (60-64, Female)
A1601111_Never-married population (65-69, Male)
A1601112_Never-married population (65-69, Female)
A1601121_Never-married population (70-74, Male)
A1601122_Never-married population (70-74, Female)
A1601131_Never-married population (75-79, Male)
A1601132_Never-married population (75-79, Female)
A1601141_Never-married population (80-84, Male)
A1601142_Never-married population (80-84, Female)
A1601151_Never-married population (85 and over, Male)
A1601152_Never-married population (85 and over, Female)
A1602001_Married population (15 and over, Male)
A1602002_Married population (15 and over, Female)
A1602021_Married population (20-24, Male)
A1602022_Married population (20-24, Female)
A1602031_Married population (25-29, Male)
A1602032_Married population (25-29, Female)
A1602041_Married population (30-34, Male)
A1602042_Married population (30-34, Female)
A1602051_Married population (35-39, Male)
A1602052_Married population (35-39, Female)
A1602061_Married population (40-44, Male)
A1602062_Married population (40-44, Female)
A1602071_Married population (45-49, Male)
A1602072_Married population (45-49, Female)
A1602081_Married population (50-54, Male)
A1602082_Married population (50-54, Female)
A1602091_Married population (55-59, Male)
A1602092_Married population (55-59, Female)
A1602101_Married population (60-64, Male)
A1602102_Married population (60-64, Female)
A1602111_Married population (65-69, Male)
A1602112_Married population (65-69, Female)
A1602121_Married population (70-74, Male)
A1602122_Married population (70-74, Female)
A1602131_Married population (75-79, Male)
A1602132_Married population (75-79, Female)
A1602141_Married population (80-84, Male)
A1602142_Married population (80-84, Female)
A1602151_Married population (85 and over, Male)
A1602152_Married population (85 and over, Female)
A1603001_Widowed population (15 and over, Male)
A1603002_Widowed population (15 and over, Female)
A1603031_Widowed population (25-29, Male)
A1603032_Widowed population (25-29, Female)
A1603041_Widowed population (30-34, Male)
A1603042_Widowed population (30-34, Female)
A1603051_Widowed population (35-39, Male)
A1603052_Widowed population (35-39, Female)
A1603061_Widowed population (40-44, Male)
A1603062_Widowed population (40-44, Female)
A1603071_Widowed population (45-49, Male)
A1603072_Widowed population (45-49, Female)
A1603081_Widowed population (50-54, Male)
A1603082_Widowed population (50-54, Female)
A1603091_Widowed population (55-59, Male)
A1603092_Widowed population (55-59, Female)
A1603101_Widowed population (60-64, Male)
A1603102_Widowed population (60-64, Female)
A1603111_Widowed population (65-69, Male)
A1603112_Widowed population (65-69, Female)
A1603121_Widowed population (70-74, Male)
A1603122_Widowed population (70-74, Female)
A1603131_Widowed population (75-79, Male)
A1603132_Widowed population (75-79, Female)
A1603141_Widowed population (80-84, Male)
A1603142_Widowed population (80-84, Female)
A1603151_Widowed population (85 and over, Male)
A1603152_Widowed population (85 and over, Female)
A1603201_Widowed population (60 and over, Male)
A1603202_Widowed population (60 and over, Female)
A1604001_Divorced population (15 and over, Male)
A1604002_Divorced population (15 and over, Female)
A1604011_Divorced population (15-19, Male)
A1604012_Divorced population (15-19, Female)
A1604021_Divorced population (20-24, Male)
A1604022_Divorced population (20-24, Female)
A1604031_Divorced population (25-29, Male)
A1604032_Divorced population (25-29, Female)
A1604041_Divorced population (30-34, Male)
A1604042_Divorced population (30-34, Female)
A1604051_Divorced population (35-39, Male)
A1604052_Divorced population (35-39, Female)
A1604061_Divorced population (40-44, Male)
A1604062_Divorced population (40-44, Female)
A1604071_Divorced population (45-49, Male)
A1604072_Divorced population (45-49, Female)
A1604081_Divorced population (50-54, Male)
A1604082_Divorced population (50-54, Female)
A1604091_Divorced population (55-59, Male)
A1604092_Divorced population (55-59, Female)
A1604101_Divorced population (60-64, Male)
A1604102_Divorced population (60-64, Female)
A1604111_Divorced population (65-69, Male)
A1604112_Divorced population (65-69, Female)
A1604121_Divorced population (70-74, Male)
A1604122_Divorced population (70-74, Female)
A1604131_Divorced population (75-79, Male)
A1604132_Divorced population (75-79, Female)
A1604141_Divorced population (80-84, Male)
A1604142_Divorced population (80-84, Female)
A1604151_Divorced population (85 and over, Male)
A1604152_Divorced population (85 and over, Female)
A1604201_Divorced population (40-49, Male)
A1604202_Divorced population (40-49, Female)
A1604301_Divorced population (50-59, Male)
A1604302_Divorced population (50-59, Female)
A161001_Ratio of never married persons (population 15 years old and over)
A1700_Foreigners (Total)
A170001_Foreigners (Male)
A170002_Foreigners (Female)
A1701_Foreigners (Korea, Total)
A170101_Foreigners (Korea, Male)
A170102_Foreigners (Korea, Female)
A1702_Foreigners (China, Total)
A170201_Foreigners (China, Male)
A170202_Foreigners (China, Female)
A1703_Foreigners (USA, Total)
A170301_Foreigners (USA, Male)
A170302_Foreigners (USA, Female)
A1706_Foreigners (Philippines, Total)
A170601_Foreigners (Philippines, Male)
A170602_Foreigners (Philippines, Female)
A1707_Foreigners (Brazil, Total)
A170701_Foreigners (Brazil, Male)
A170702_Foreigners (Brazil, Female)
A1801_Densely inhabited districts population
A180101_Densely inhabited districts population (Male)
A180102_Densely inhabited districts population (Female)
A1802_Densely inhabited districts area
A191001_Population projection (2020)
A191002_Population projection (2025)
A191003_Population projection (2030)
A191004_Population projection (2035)
A191005_Population projection (2040)
A191006_Population projection (2045)
A2101_Basic resident register population (Japanese)
A210101_Basic resident register population (Japanese, Male)
A210102_Basic resident register population (Japanese, Female)
A2102_Population of administrative area (Basic resident register population + Registered foreign nationals)
A2201_Basic resident register population (Foreigners)
A2301_Basic resident register population (Total)
A3100_Registered foreign nationals (Total)
A3101_Registered foreign nationals (Asia)
A310101_Registered foreign nationals (Korea)
A310102_Registered foreign nationals (China)
A310103_Registered foreign nationals (Philippines)
A310105_Registered foreign nationals (Thailand)
A3102_Registered foreign nationals (Europe)
A310201_Registered foreign nationals (UK)
A3103_Registered foreign nationals (North America)
A310301_Registered foreign nationals (USA)
A3104_Registered foreign nationals (South America)
A310401_Registered foreign nationals (Brazil)
A310402_Registered foreign nationals (Peru)
A3200_Number of foreign residents (Total)
A3201_Number of foreign residents (Asia)
A320101_Number of foreign residents (Korea)
A320102_Number of foreign residents (China)
A320103_Number of foreign residents (Republic of Korea)
A320104_Number of foreign residents (Korea)
A3202_Number of foreign residents (Europe)
A3203_Number of foreign residents (North America)
A3204_Number of foreign residents (South America)
A4101_Number of live births
A410101_Number of live births (Male)
A410102_Number of live births (Female)
A410201_Number of live births (Mother's age, under 15)