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Statistics name Corporations Survey on Land and Buildings 2003 Results for Japan 
Table number 22 
Table title Tenure Size by Location of the Land (55 Groups) and Total Tenure Size of Land (14 Groups) _ Japan 
Dataset overview  
Statistics name Corporations Survey on Land and Buildings  Detail
Dataset category0  
Dataset category1 2003
Dataset category2 Results for Japan
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Published date and time 2010-03-19 10:00
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Total tenure size of land_Total
Total tenure size of land_Less than 100m2
Total tenure size of land_100 - 200m2
Total tenure size of land_200 - 500m2
Total tenure size of land_500 - 1,000m2
Total tenure size of land_1,000 - 2,000m2
Total tenure size of land_2,000 - 5,000m2
Total tenure size of land_5,000 - 10,000m2
Total tenure size of land_10,000 - 20,000m2
Total tenure size of land_20,000 - 50,000m2
Total tenure size of land_50,000 - 100,000m2
Total tenure size of land_100,000 - 500,000m2
Total tenure size of land_500,000 - 1,000,000m2
Total tenure size of land_1,000,000 - 10,000,000m2
Total tenure size of land_10,000,000m2 or over
Location of the land
Location of the land_Hokkaido district
Location of the land_Tohoku district
Location of the land_Tohoku district_Aomori-ken
Location of the land_Tohoku district_Iwate-ken
Location of the land_Tohoku district_Miyagi-ken
Location of the land_Tohoku district_Akita-ken
Location of the land_Tohoku district_Yamagata-ken
Location of the land_Tohoku district_Fukushima-ken
Location of the land_Kanto district
Location of the land_Kanto district_Ibaraki-ken
Location of the land_Kanto district_Tochigi-ken
Location of the land_Kanto district_Gumma-ken
Location of the land_Kanto district_Saitama-ken
Location of the land_Kanto district_Chiba-ken
Location of the land_Kanto district_Tokyo-to
Location of the land_Kanto district_Kanagawa-ken
Location of the land_Hokuriku district
Location of the land_Hokuriku district_Niigata-ken
Location of the land_Hokuriku district_Toyama-ken
Location of the land_Hokuriku district_Ishikawa-ken
Location of the land_Hokuriku district_Fukui-ken
Location of the land_Chubu district
Location of the land_Chubu district_Yamanashi-ken
Location of the land_Chubu district_Nagano-ken
Location of the land_Chubu district_Gifu-ken
Location of the land_Chubu district_Shizuoka-ken
Location of the land_Chubu district_Aichi-ken
Location of the land_Chubu district_Mie-ken
Location of the land_Kinki district
Location of the land_Kinki district_Shiga-ken
Location of the land_Kinki district_Kyoto-fu
Location of the land_Kinki district_Osaka-fu
Location of the land_Kinki district_Hyogo-ken
Location of the land_Kinki district_Nara-ken
Location of the land_Kinki district_Wakayama-ken
Location of the land_Chugoku district
Location of the land_Chugoku district_Tottori-ken
Location of the land_Chugoku district_Shimane-ken
Location of the land_Chugoku district_Okayama-ken
Location of the land_Chugoku district_Hiroshima-ken
Location of the land_Chugoku district_Yamaguchi-ken
Location of the land_Shikoku district
Location of the land_Shikoku district_Tokushima-ken
Location of the land_Shikoku district_Kagawa-ken
Location of the land_Shikoku district_Ehime-ken
Location of the land_Shikoku district_Kochi-ken
Location of the land_Kyushu and Okinawa district
Location of the land_Kyushu and Okinawa district_Fukuoka-ken
Location of the land_Kyushu and Okinawa district_Saga-ken
Location of the land_Kyushu and Okinawa district_Nagasaki-ken
Location of the land_Kyushu and Okinawa district_Kumamoto-ken
Location of the land_Kyushu and Okinawa district_Oita-ken
Location of the land_Kyushu and Okinawa district_Miyazaki-ken
Location of the land_Kyushu and Okinawa district_Kagoshima-ken
Location of the land_Kyushu and Okinawa district_Okinawa-ken
Location of the land_Not reported
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