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Statistics name Monthly Survey on Service Industries Monthly Survey on Service Industries since January 2013 Monthly Survey 
Table number 00102 
Table title Sales by Industry of Business Activity (Medium Groups) January 2013 - December 2023 (* The actual figures from 2013 to 2022 were adjusted in order to make time series comparison possible.) 
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Statistics name Monthly Survey on Service Industries  Detail
Dataset category0 Monthly Survey on Service Industries 
Dataset category1 since January 2013
Dataset category2 Monthly Survey
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Published date and time 2024-02-29 08:30
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Sales (Income)
Service industry
G Information and communications
39Information services
40Internet based services
41Video picture, sound information, character information production and distribution
H Transport and postal activities
42Railway transport
43Road passenger transport
44Road freight transport
45Water transport
48Services incidental to transport
4*Air transport, Postal activities, including mail delivery
K Real estate and goods rental and leasing
68Real estate agencies
69Real estate lessors and managers
70Goods rental and leasing
L Scientific research, professional and technical services (*Excluding "scientific and development research institutes" (since January, 2013) and "pure holding companies" (since January, 2013))
72Professional services, n.e.c. (*Excluding "pure holding companies" (since January, 2013))
74Technical services, n.e.c.
M Accommodations, eating and drinking services
76Eating and drinking places
77Food take out and delivery services
N Living-related and personal services and amusement services (*Excluding "domestic services")
78Laundry, beauty and bath services
79Miscellaneous living-related and personal services (*Excluding "domestic services")
80Services for amusement and hobbies
O Education, learning support (*Excluding "school education")
82Miscellaneous education, learning support
82a of which social education and vocational and educational support facilities
82b of which supplementary tutorial schools and instruction service for arts, culture and technicals
P Medical, health care and welfare (*Excluding "public health centers", "social insurance organizations" (since January, 2013) and "welfare offices")
83Medical and other health services
84Public health and hygiene (*Excluding "public health centers")
85Social insurance and social welfare (*Excluding "social insurance organizations" (since January, 2013) and "welfare offices")
R Services, n.e.c. (*Excluding "political, business and cultural organizations", "religion" and "foreign governments and international agencies in Japan")
88Waste disposal business
89Automobile maintenance services
90Machine, etc. repair services, except otherwise classified
91Employment and worker dispatching services
92Miscellaneous business services
95Miscellaneous services
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