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Vital Statistics
Vital Statistics
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Vital Statistics

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Vital Statistics Update date
Vital statistics of Japan [3,291Items]
Final data [3,291Items]
Classification table [63Items]
Yearly [63Items] 2018-09-07
Summary [494Items]
Yearly [494Items] 2018-09-07
Natality [513Items]
Yearly [513Items] 2018-09-07
General mortality [558Items]
Yearly [558Items] 2018-09-07
Infant mortality [279Items]
Yearly [279Items] 2018-09-07
Foetal mortality [297Items]
Yearly [297Items] 2018-09-07
Perinatal mortality [180Items]
Yearly [180Items] 2018-09-07
Marriages [351Items]
Yearly [351Items] 2018-09-07
Divorces [232Items]
Yearly [232Items] 2018-09-07
Other [243Items]
Yearly [243Items] 2018-09-07
Population [81Items]
Yearly [81Items] 2018-09-07
Report of Vital Statistics: Occupational and Industrial Aspects [337Items]
Summary [2Items]
Fiscal yearly [2Items] 2013-03-06
Natality [14Items]
Fiscal yearly [14Items] 2013-03-06
General mortality [22Items]
Fiscal yearly [22Items] 2013-03-06
Foetal mortality [4Items]
Fiscal yearly [4Items] 2013-03-06
Perinatal mortality [3Items]
Fiscal yearly [3Items] 2013-03-06
Marriages [14Items]
Fiscal yearly [14Items] 2013-03-06
Divorces [13Items]
Fiscal yearly [13Items] 2013-03-06
Population [6Items]
Fiscal yearly [6Items] 2013-03-06
Classification table [2Items]
Fiscal yearly [2Items] 2013-03-06
Preserved Statistic tables [257Items]
Natality [8Items]
Fiscal yearly [8Items] 2017-02-08
General mortality [226Items]
Fiscal yearly [226Items] 2016-02-09
Foetal mortality [10Items]
Fiscal yearly [10Items] 2016-02-09
Perinatal mortality [4Items]
Fiscal yearly [4Items] 2016-02-09
Marriages [5Items]
Fiscal yearly [5Items] 2016-02-09
Divorces [4Items]
Fiscal yearly [4Items] 2016-02-09
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  • For details of each statistical survey, please refer to the homepage above.
  • Information on relevant government statistics such as "Survey outline", "Survey results", "Attention on use", "Release schedule", and "Contact" are posted on the website of each ministry. Please use it before using the statistical tables.
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