Vital Statistics

Statistics code 00450011
Description The Vital Statistics Survey takes into account all births, deaths, marriages, divorces and foetal deaths. However, this statistics table provides a total of all events that occurred in Japan concerning persons of Japanese nationality. Statistics of events concerning Japanese nationals abroad and foreign nationals in Japan are respectively available as Other on this page.

(Note) Symbols used in tables
- Magnitude zero
... Data not available
. Category not applicable
0.0 Figure less than 0.05
Triangle Negative
The figures indicated are rounded off. Thus, the total may not equal to the "total number".

* Outline of Vital Statistics in Japan
* Announcement contents, List of chapter titled items - List of Statistical Tables (Excel)
Theme (major classification) Population and Households
Theme (minor classification) Vital Statistics
Statistical type Fundamental Statistics
Ministry in charge Ministry of Health Labour and Welfare
E-mail address
Phone number 03-5253-1111
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