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Statistics name Labour Force Survey Basic Tabulation Whole Japan Quarterly 
Table number 3-2-1 
Table title Unemployed person by reason for seeking a job, preference for employment as primary or secondary activity and age groups 
Dataset overview  
Statistics name Labour Force Survey  Detail
Dataset category0 Labour Force Survey 
Dataset category1 Basic Tabulation
Description of Dataset category1 Since 1982, the benchmark population for calculating the results of the Labour Force Survey is revised every five years because the Population Estimates are revised every five years according to the release of the latest results of the Population Census conducted every five years.
Responding to the revision, in order to remove the gaps, data from October 2005 through December 2016 have been adjusted to comparable time-series data (the intercensal-level adjustment data or the retroactive adjustment data).Adjusted figures are presented in "Historical data" and "Preliminary report".
On the other hand, figures on the Statistical tables and databases are not adjusted ones and remain the same as of the time they released.
Therefore, the figures of "Historical data" for those periods are different from the ones in the annual report published in each year or on Statistical tables and databases.
Dataset category2 Whole Japan
Dataset category3 Quarterly
Table category1  
Published date and time 2022-07-29 08:30
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Employment as primary or secondary activity
Reason for seeking a job
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Actual number
15 years old or more
15 to 64 years old
15 to 24 years old
15 to 19 years old
20 to 24 years old
25 to 34 years old
25 to 29 years old
25 to 39 years old
30 to 34 years old
35 to 44 years old
35 to 39 years old
40 to 44 years old
40 to 54 years old
45 to 54 years old
45 to 49 years old
50 to 54 years old
55 years old or more
55 to 64 years old
55 to 59 years old
60 to 64 years old
65 years old or more
Both sexes
Seeking a job as primary activity
Seeking a job as secondary activity
Quitted a job
Quitted a job involuntary
Mandatory retirement, or termination of employment contract
Circumstances of employer or business
Quitted a job voluntary
Newly started to seek a job
Graduated from school
Necessary to earn revenue
Other (excluding necessary to earn revenue)
All Japan
Jan.-Mar. 1985
Apr.-Jun. 1985
Jul.-Sep. 1985
Oct.-Dec. 1985
Jan.-Mar. 1986
Apr.-Jun. 1986
Jul.-Sep. 1986
Oct.-Dec. 1986
Jan.-Mar. 1987
Apr.-Jun. 1987
Jul.-Sep. 1987
Oct.-Dec. 1987
Jan.-Mar. 1988
Apr.-Jun. 1988
Jul.-Sep. 1988
Oct.-Dec. 1988
Jan.-Mar. 1989
Apr.-Jun. 1989
Jul.-Sep. 1989
Oct.-Dec. 1989
Jan.-Mar. 1990
Apr.-Jun. 1990
Jul.-Sep. 1990
Oct.-Dec. 1990
Jan.-Mar. 1991
Apr.-Jun. 1991
Jul.-Sep. 1991
Oct.-Dec. 1991
Jan.-Mar. 1992
Apr.-Jun. 1992
Jul.-Sep. 1992
Oct.-Dec. 1992
Jan.-Mar. 1993
Apr.-Jun. 1993
Jul.-Sep. 1993
Oct.-Dec. 1993
Jan.-Mar. 1994
Apr.-Jun. 1994
Jul.-Sep. 1994
Oct.-Dec. 1994
Jan.-Mar. 1995
Apr.-Jun. 1995
Jul.-Sep. 1995
Oct.-Dec. 1995
Jan.-Mar. 1996
Apr.-Jun. 1996
Jul.-Sep. 1996
Oct.-Dec. 1996
Jan.-Mar. 1997
Apr.-Jun. 1997
Jul.-Sep. 1997
Oct.-Dec. 1997
Jan.-Mar. 1998
Apr.-Jun. 1998
Jul.-Sep. 1998
Oct.-Dec. 1998
Jan.-Mar. 1999
Apr.-Jun. 1999
Jul.-Sep. 1999
Oct.-Dec. 1999
Jan.-Mar. 2000
Apr.-Jun. 2000
Jul.-Sep. 2000
Oct.-Dec. 2000
Jan.-Mar. 2001
Apr.-Jun. 2001
Jul.-Sep. 2001
Oct.-Dec. 2001
Jan.-Mar. 2002
Apr.-Jun. 2002
Jul.-Sep. 2002
Oct.-Dec. 2002
Jan.-Mar. 2003
Apr.-Jun. 2003
Jul.-Sep. 2003
Oct.-Dec. 2003
Jan.-Mar. 2004
Apr.-Jun. 2004
Jul.-Sep. 2004
Oct.-Dec. 2004
Jan.-Mar. 2005
Apr.-Jun. 2005
Jul.-Sep. 2005
Oct.-Dec. 2005
Jan.-Mar. 2006
Apr.-Jun. 2006
Jul.-Sep. 2006
Oct.-Dec. 2006
Jan.-Mar. 2007
Apr.-Jun. 2007
Jul.-Sep. 2007
Oct.-Dec. 2007
Jan.-Mar. 2008
Apr.-Jun. 2008
Jul.-Sep. 2008
Oct.-Dec. 2008
Jan.-Mar. 2009
Apr.-Jun. 2009
Jul.-Sep. 2009
Oct.-Dec. 2009
Jan.-Mar. 2010
Apr.-Jun. 2010
Jul.-Sep. 2010
Oct.-Dec. 2010
Jan.-Mar. 2011
Apr.-Jun. 2011
Jul.-Sep. 2011
Oct.-Dec. 2011
Jan.-Mar. 2012
Apr.-Jun. 2012
Jul.-Sep. 2012
Oct.-Dec. 2012
Jan.-Mar. 2013
Apr.-Jun. 2013
Jul.-Sep. 2013
Oct.-Dec. 2013
Jan.-Mar. 2014
Apr.-Jun. 2014
Jul.-Sep. 2014
Oct.-Dec. 2014
Jan.-Mar. 2015
Apr.-Jun. 2015
Jul.-Sep. 2015
Oct.-Dec. 2015
Jan.-Mar. 2016
Apr.-Jun. 2016
Jul.-Sep. 2016
Oct.-Dec. 2016
Jan.-Mar. 2017
Apr.-Jun. 2017
Jul.-Sep. 2017
Oct.-Dec. 2017
Jan.-Mar. 2018
Apr.-Jun. 2018
Jul.-Sep. 2018
Oct.-Dec. 2018
Jan.-Mar. 2019
Apr.-Jun. 2019
Jul.-Sep. 2019
Oct.-Dec. 2019
Jan.-Mar. 2020
Apr.-Jun. 2020
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Oct.-Dec. 2020
Jan.-Mar. 2021
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Jul.-Sep. 2021
Oct.-Dec. 2021
Jan.-Mar. 2022
Apr.-Jun. 2022
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* The ratio is not calculated because the denominator is small.
*** Figures don't exist or is not tabulated (Since Feb. 2002). Please refer to the following URL for detail explanation.
0 Figures sre less than half of the given unit (Since Feb. 2002). Please refer to the following URL for detail explanation.
Figures covering from March through August 2011 for whole Japan and Tohoku region are missing due to the damage caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake.
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