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Statistics name The Special Data Dissemination Standard Plus SDDS Plus Financial Soundness Indicators (FSIs) 
Table number  
Table title Financial Soundness Indicators (FSIs) 
Dataset overview (*)Tier 1 (and Tier 2) will not be used for domestic banks, with only "core capital(**)" being captured as regulatory capital for them. Along with that change, Tier 1 ratio no longer exists for domestic banks, and the definitions of regulatory capital will be largely different between internationally active banks and domestic ones.

(**)e.g., common stock, mandatory convertible preferred stock

(***)The responsible authorities are as follows:
1): Financial Services Agency
2): Financial Services Agency
3): Financial Services Agency
4): Financial Services Agency
5): Bank of Japan
6): Bank of Japan
7): Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

(****)Regarding the data for "Residential real estate prices", preliminary figures are shown in italics on MLIT website. 
Statistics name The Special Data Dissemination Standard Plus  Detail
Survey outline "SDDS Plus (Special Data Dissemination Standard Plus)" is a data dissemination standard established by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for timely dissemination of economic financial data, which enhances the former dissemination standard, "SDDS". The Office of Director-General for Policy Planning on Statistical Standards, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications serves as the SDDS Plus Coordinator in Japan and disseminates national data at NSDP (National Summary Data Page), in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and other relevant organizations.
Dataset category0 SDDS Plus 
Dataset category1 Financial Soundness Indicators (FSIs)
Table category1  
Published date and time 2022-09-30 17:00
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1) Regulatory Tier 1 capital to risk-weighted assets
1) Regulatory Tier 1 capital to risk-weighted assets_(reference)domestic banks *
2) Regulatory Tier 1 capital to assets
2) Regulatory Tier 1 capital to assets_(reference)domestic banks *
3) Nonperforming loans net of provisions to capital
4) Nonperforming loans to total gross loans
5) Return on assets
6) Liquid assets to short-term liabilities
7) Residential real estate prices
2013_1Q(FY2012.4Q Data)
2013_3Q(FY2013.2Q Data)
2014_1Q(FY2013.4Q Data)
2014_3Q(FY2014.2Q Data)
2015_1Q(FY2014.4Q Data)
2015_2Q(FY2015.1Q Data)
2015_3Q(FY2015.2Q Data)
2015_4Q(FY2015.3Q Data)
2016_1Q(FY2015.4Q Data)
2016_2Q(FY2016.1Q Data)
2016_3Q(FY2016.2Q Data)
2016_4Q(FY2016.3Q Data)
2017_1Q(FY2016.4Q Data)
2017_2Q(FY2017.1Q Data)
2017_3Q(FY2017.2Q Data)
2017_4Q(FY2017.3Q Data)
2018_1Q(FY2017.4Q Data)
2018_2Q(FY2018.1Q Data)
2018_3Q(FY2018.2Q Data)
2018_4Q(FY2018.3Q Data)
2019_1Q(FY2018.4Q Data)
2019_2Q(FY2019.1Q Data)
2019_3Q(FY2019.2Q Data)
2019_4Q(FY2019.3Q Data)
2020_1Q(FY2019.4Q Data)
2020_2Q(FY2020.1Q Data)
2020_3Q(FY2020.2Q Data)
2020_4Q(FY2020.3Q Data)
2021_1Q(FY2020.4Q Data)
2021_2Q(FY2021.1Q Data)
2021_3Q(FY2021.2Q Data)
2021_4Q(FY2021.3Q Data)
2022_1Q(FY2021.4Q Data)
2022_2Q(FY2022.1Q Data)
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